lets get nakd (nakd bar review)

finding on-the-go vegan snacks can be stressful and difficult. many bars will have a “may contain milk”, which means it cannot be classified as a vegan bar. a friend introduced me to the nakd bars and I was instantly hooked! these bars are natural, raw and vegan. what I really love about these bars is that the ingredients are completely transparent. nakd bars show the exact ingredients that are used in the bar as well as the percent that makes up the bar. for example the berry delight bar pictured here, has dates 49%, cashews 31%, raisins 17% and raspberries 3%. what is amazing about these bars is that you know exactly what you are putting into your body, and they taste great! its also nice being able to enjoy food labeled as vegan so that you are not left guessing whether there is a hidden non-vegan ingredient inside. the bars have a great chewy consistency and despite now having any added sugar, they are very delicious and sweet. I would highly recommend vegan and non-vegans give this healthy snack a try!


(photo courtesy of vegan eats and treats)

nakd berry delight wrapper


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