fresh take on fresh (restaurant review)

So for all vegans, eating meals prepared by other people can be scary. we all have that one friend that when the waiter comes around they modify absolutely every last bit of their meal. but for vegans, its important to know if there is egg in the noodles or bread, if the oil that is used for meat is also used for the vegetarian option. if there is any hidden dairy ingredient in any of the food as well. its important to communicate with your server about your vegan needs, because more often than not, they know which items are completely vegan or can be made so. the two rules that i encourage people to follow when eating out vegan is:

  1. keep it simple! eat meals out of the house that are not too complicated and are loaded with veggies.
  2. eat at vegan friendly restaurants!

my favourite vegan friendly restaurant is fresh. there are currently 3 locations throughout toronto. fresh offers a wide range of food from salads, bowls, to burgers and poutine. fresh is an awesome restaurant because vegans can eat there worry-free! I have been to all the fresh locations and I have always really enjoyed the food. the service is always fast even though its always busy, and the servers are very friendly. fresh also allows costumers to buy the fresh food cook book so that vegans can enjoy their food at home.

i went to fresh with a friend to review a few different items on their menu

poutine–> large generous portion that needs to be shared amongst 2 people, tastes like real gravy, crispy fries, cost $8.50 (7.5/10)


bbq burger–> excellent consistency in the burger, onion rings and kaleslaw is provided on the side, good sauce, garlic mayo is awesome, cost $13.00 (7.5/10)




buddha bowl–> thai peanut sauce with marinated tofu cubes good combination, ordered with soba noodles, would have preferred it a little bit spicer, cost $18.50 (6.5)



tiger bowl–> my favourite bowl yet, tastes great with rice or soba noodles, really enjoyed the 369 dressing, the peanuts added good flavour, cost $13


in addition to really great breakfast, lunch and dinner options, fresh offers yummy vegan cupcakes and fresh juices. i would highly recommend fresh to not only vegan eaters but to anyone looking for a great fun atmosphere. i would rate my overall fresh experience a 9/10.






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