one smart cookie

often it is hard to find tasty vegan desserts (other than sweets from the earth) because most of them are made with either egg or some sort of dairy product. with the growing popularity of a vegan lifestyle, luckily for us, so too grows the vegan desserts available. below i have posted the EASIEST recipe for healthy vegan cookies. bananas are a great fruit to include in your diet because they are filling, high in potassium and contain other important nutrients such as b6. i make these cookies with carob because carob is vegan but taste just like chocolate, no seriously, just. like. chocolate. you can add more vegan ingredients to these cookies such as nuts, crushed oreos or even sprinkles!

carob oatmeal bananas cookies

need: 2 ripe bananas, quick oats and carob chips


preheat oven to 350 degrees

mash two bananas in a bowl

add 1 cup of oats and mix

add handful of carob chips (or as much as desired)

mix all the ingredients together

place mixture on baking sheet in cookie form

bake for 10-12 minutes

let stand for 2 minutes



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