and finally, dinner.

so you’ve spent all day at work or school or running errands, and the last thing you want to do right now is cook a meal, am i right? well, lucky for you, this recipe i am about to break down for you is super easy, fun and inexpensive. so, to go along with the idea of just throwing a bunch of things together that taste really good, how do you feel about stir fry? wellll, i personally loooove stir fry. just like my breakfast smoothies and my messy bowls, stir frys are great because you can alter them to your personal taste each and every time you make one! my favourite protein to use for stir fry is tofu! from my personal experience i see that tofu gets a lot of unnecessary hate. tofu is super high in protein and theres so many different ways to make it. i only buy sunrise extra firm style, because it adds texture and substance to the tofu. when making tofu it is important to rinse it and then damp it until it is completely dry. stir fry is also great because you can make a lot and then bring it with you for lunch for the next day or so. below i will provide ONE of my favourite stir fry recipes.



on the side, boil water for either quinoa, brown rice, white rice, or any sort of noodle.

add enough grape seed oil (any oil is fine) to cover the surface of a fry pan, and keep it on low heat

once the oil has started to sizzle it is time to add your tofu

cut your tofu in steaks or cubes and spread it out throughout the pan so that each piece will be cooked

add ginger/garlic/green onion to the tofu and mix lightly

once the tofu has cooked golden add your veggies! (i often use mushrooms, onions, broccoli, red peppers, zucchini)

make sure your veggies are washed and then add them in and turn the heat up slightly

it is preference to how cooked you like your veggies, but when it reaches the level you prefer, you can choose to add in a sauce

sometimes i like to add in soy sauce and leave it at that, and other times i prefer store bought peanut sauces or vh sauces

another option you have to customize your bowl is how you would like to incorporate your carb

sometimes i like to plate the bottom of a bowl with my rice or noodles and put the tofu and veggies on top, but other times i prefer to add the carb to my fry pan and mix it all together

which ever way you choose to complete your stir fry i hope it tastes yummy!

happy frying!!!








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