and then, lunch.

ok ok ok, so you’ve got breakfast down and it was pretty simple right? well guess what! lunch can be simple too! there are so many fun and easy ways to enjoy a vegan lunch, but for this post i am going to show you the beauty of a messy bowl. a messy bowl can vary depending on your taste preference or even depending on what you have in your fridge (cause let’s face it, who has time to grocery shop?). a messy bowl is a name that ive come up with because like the smoothie bowl, its basically just throwing a bunch of ingredients together that you hope tastes good (and usually does). so a question that often comes up with questioning vegans about their life choices is, what kind of protein do you people get? do you get enough protein? is there such thing as non- meat protein? but is it reeaaaaaaaal protein? so to answer that, vegans actually have many protein sources available to them. some of the top protein sources include; tofu, soy, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, beans, hemp seeds, nuts and even vegetables. so not only can you get proper protein intake, but you can do it with a guilty free conscience, on a low budget and with a really yummy taste. so as i mentioned before, messy bowls can really be made any way youd like, but i will discuss the way i make mine.


messy bowl:

1 cup of a leafy green (i usually use romaine lettuce)

1 cup of two different proteins (i like to use quinoa and tofu, however any mix works!)

then add vegetables, as much as you’d like to fill up the rest of your messy bowl

some of my favourite vegetables to use are; broccoli, mushrooms, green onion, peppers, cucumber, roma tomatoes, hot peppers

once you have everything in your bowl, you can either plate it to look pretty and send a snap chat to all your friends #foodforthought #vegan or you can mix it all together

i like to add a light dressing of some balsamic vinegar and grape seed oil with a table spoon of peanut butter… i don’t have an exact measurement for these liquids however it should be equal parts of both and for as much dressing as you require

once your messy bowl is dressed you are now ready to eat!


this lunch is super nutrious and so easy to make. you can change it up every time you make it so as to never get bored of it. another good thing about messy bowls is that you can take them with you and enjoy them on the go.

i have also found that many vegan restaurants offer messy bowl- like meals, which means you get to experience lots of different flavours and options for when you make them at home.

hope you have fun creating your own messy bowl. lets get messy!




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