lets get nakd (nakd bar review)

finding on-the-go vegan snacks can be stressful and difficult. many bars will have a "may contain milk", which means it cannot be classified as a vegan bar. a friend introduced me to the nakd bars and I was instantly hooked! these bars are natural, raw and vegan. what I really love about these bars is... Continue Reading →


ice ice baby

when its hot out, all we want to do is eat ice cream and cool off. I have found it very difficult to find good tasting and flavourful vegan ice cream. the recipe I will provide below, is for the yummiest banana chocolate vegan ice cream I have ever had. this recipe is super easy... Continue Reading →

did you know?

here are some interesting facts about veganism: vegan diets help stop the formation of blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors. in proven studies, in countries where women eat very little meat and other animal products, the rate of getting breast cancer is much lower. all the grain that is used to feed the livestock that... Continue Reading →

celebrity corner

veganism is becoming more popular than ever before. many celebrities have adapted a vegan lifestyle and have promoted living a cruel-free vegan life. below is a list of vegan celebrities who seek to spread the word about living a health vegan lifestyle: mya, travis barker, ellen degeneres, wacka flocka, al gore, russell simmons, rooney mara,... Continue Reading →

one smart cookie

often it is hard to find tasty vegan desserts (other than sweets from the earth)¬†because most of them are made with either egg or some sort of dairy product. with the growing popularity of a vegan lifestyle, luckily for us, so too grows the vegan desserts available. below¬†i have posted the EASIEST recipe for healthy... Continue Reading →

and finally, dinner.

so you've spent all day at work or school or running errands, and the last thing you want to do right now is cook a meal, am i right? well, lucky for you, this recipe i am about to break down for you is super easy, fun and inexpensive. so, to go along with the... Continue Reading →

and then, lunch.

ok ok ok, so you've got breakfast down and it was pretty simple right? well guess what! lunch can be simple too! there are so many fun and easy ways to enjoy a vegan lunch, but for this post i am going to show you the beauty of a messy bowl. a messy bowl can... Continue Reading →

but first, breakfast.

good morning fellow bloggers! my first blog post is about breakfast! i know i know, waking up with the sun for work or school can sometimes be difficult, however its so important to start your day with a good meal! what do you usually eat for breakfast? have you tried a smoothie bowl? smoothie bowls... Continue Reading →


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